On to worlds

Thanks to Ryan Air for less than $300 you can get a rider, mechanic, 2 bikes, spare wheels, and luggage from Rome to Brussels. After a quick drive from the airport we arrived in Sittard, NL, home of the euro base for USA cycling.  


The service course.  


Between all the catagories there were 30 US riders for the world championships. With 2 bikes a piece, plus extra wheels, we ended up with a lot of stuff. 



Official credentials.  



When we arrive in Luxembourg it was a few degrees below freezing. Thankful we were able to commandeer one of the conference rooms to let us work out of the cold.  




Custom fixtures from the bike room. Jeff made a key rack to make sure all the keys were easy to find.  



Laundry facilities were also in high demand. Most of the vans are equipt with washing machines, one of which was brought inside to thaw and then it was ready to go. Well, after installation. 



All the bikes ready for pre ride.  



Pits for the first day of pre ride. Not so warm. 


Dave and Tom tag teaming the bike dry. The aim was to get as much water off before it froze. That plus storing the bikes inside meant we could wash without worrying about causing problems due to ice.  



Race vehicles increased in number and scale as we got closer to the weekend. How this bus got into and out of this parking lot I have no idea. But that process did happen three days in a row. 



And finally to work. Pits for the junior race first thing Saturday. I ended up pitting for all 5 races over 2 days.  



The US landed one medal from the weekend thanks a a great ride by Ellen Noble in the U23 women's division. Silver was good enough to earn her some champagne from the hotel, complete with an opener.  



I'm now thinking all teams should carry a victory sabre for opening podium bottles.  



Thanks to the discovery of a motor in one of the pit bikes last year the officials scan all of the bikes at the race to make sure they are 100% human powered.  



Kerry on race day. He only had one flat tire, fewest of all Americans Sunday, and battled hard on a challenging course.  



The morning after. Back in the Netherlands for coffee and rest.