Tour de San Luis

From Europe to South America, with only a quick stop over in the US to say hi and change bags. With French nationals won it was on to road season and the Tour de San Luis.

This is a panorama of the mechanics area at our hotel. It was big enough and air conditioned, which proved useful when the average temp was in the nineties.

Even the burrowing owls, which were abundant, awake in the daytime, and difficult to photograph, were looking for some shade in the afternoon heat.

Thankfully the our Argentine driver Jose was very adept at finding us shade for the van.

Other skills involved navigating the river crossings, of which there were more than a few.

Therace itself was diverse and challenging. It included beautiful scenery:

Horrible scenery:

Excited fans:

and a few less excited ones:

All in all it was a good race and a good way to get the season of and running. Now we just have to wait another two months for the next race. Should be ample time for some vacation....