Europe 2015

This year's Europe trip looks quite a bit the the Christmas expedition of last year. Belgium, France, and Amsterdam. Only this year shuffled a bit around. So as I am back in France ahead of French nationals this weekend, just a few shots from the last couple weeks.

One race that was added to my calendar was the French Cup in Flamanville. It happens around a Castle above the west coast of France. The pits gave us plenty of time to take in the scenery. 

They even had the pressure washers set up on the pond for scenic washing.


After the French Cup it was on to Amsterdam. One of the highlights was witnessing the retrieval of bikes from the bottom of one of the canals.

These have seen better days.

The claw!

Apparently bikes are much more harmful than statues of liberty, which just get left in the middle of the canals.

On my way back to Besancon I had a couple hours to walk around Paris. This included turning down a random street and finding an arch. They apparently just have these lying around everywhere.

A little post terrorism support. Very encouraging to see so many different flags/messages/languages. Everyone seems to agree terrorists are assholes.

The buildings in Paris are just cool. Maybe this is from all the movies, animated and otherwise, that I've seen about Paris. But living on the top floor of one of these seems cool.

Like somewhere up there.

And then there are buildings like this.


Which can turn out to be not as interesting inside as they are on the outside.


Plus buildings like this. I enjoyed taking a couple of quick pictures while admiring the length of the line to get in. Still very cool to see in person. Maybe next time and more snacks. Both seem helpful for prolonged line standing.


On to French Nationals!