After racing almost every weekend since early April, having a few weeks off in the middle of summer has been very welcome.

Relaxing activities have included being out on a boat.

Which meant I could take pictures of dogs on other boats.

Some dogs have bigger boats than others.

There was also swimming.

There has also been some hiking. This is en route to Anette Lake in the Cascades.

And since we were hiking to a lake, there was more swimming. I took this while hanging onto a log in the middle of the lake.

Even spotted some local wildlife on the way down the hill.

More activities: Whale watching! San Juan Island gets the thumbs up.

Whales were spotted.

By a great number of people.

Also a few seals.

Then there were some accidental adventures. Sometimes you just happen upon raptors while drinking beer on Beacon Hill.

And raptors are awesome.