The Southern Carolina

After a great visit in North Carolina, it was time to head south to get ready for camp.

I thought I would keep one foot in North Carolina just to make sure everything was okay.

I'm pretty sure people here are not used to snow. That or I was much closer to the pole than I thought.

View from Caesar's Head. It was a nice way to check out the state that I had just entered.

Yup. Pretty nice looking.

Hincapie has the same trailer as last year, but getting it a little freshened up was in order.

Fresh paint!

With some hot red accents.

Looks a little more normal once all the bike and wheel hooks are back in.

The Hincapies own a hotel outside of Travelers Rest, SC which is where our camp was based.

Since we had so many people, we stayed in a house down the street from the hotel. The house also had a three car garage which we quickly transformed into our work area for the week.

While the guys were out on their new bikes Casey, the head mechanic, and I started setting up one of the new time trail bikes. New frames from Felt plus some fast wheels from HED should make this a very speedy machine.

Plus Casey had some time to get in a bit of press. Here our Director Sportif Thomas Craven asks Casey about the bikes, tires, and the team. Hopefully the part about me being the best looking member of the team makes the final cut.

Hincapie Racing is sponsored by Park Tool which meant I got a new toolbox to start the year. It's a bit roomier than what I have been working out of and has many more pockets for added organization. Not that you can tell by the end of the day.

Casey's dog "Smokey" also joined us for most of camp. She pushed through the cold weather like a champion. Hopefully by the next post things will have warmed up a bit.


More news soon.