After Zolder I had some time off before I had to return stateside. Why not hang out in Amsterdam?

They have windmills! This one has a brewery in it as well.

I spent most of my time walking around and taking in the scenery.

Many of those scenes involve canals.

I was amazed at this parking job. Getting perfectly between the cones must be tricky.

And bikes everywhere.

Or you can ride a scooter, even appropriate for cats.

I did get chance to check out the city by bike with some friends who live in Amsterdam. It really is the way to get around the city.

And even if you ride to the climbing gym they have beer on tap. For after climbing of course.

Parrots in Amsterdam? Apparently yes.

Good coffee, in this case roasted by some transplants from New Zealand.

The saddest part of the journey was the prevalence of the selfie stick. They seemed to be everywhere.

The selfie stick is used to take pictures of yourself. Also to keep other people from getting close enough to talk to you.

The coolest part of the trip was ringing in the New Year on the roof of the apartment.

To commemorate the occasion I took some blurry pictures.


Happy 2015 everyone!