The ice after the storm

After hearing of the greatness/coolness of North Carolina I decided I would come and check it out before heading to team camp in South Carolina. What was not predicted by anyone until right before this trip was the snow/ice storms that would make it a cold and slippery time.

Brevard, NC is located right next to the Pisgah national forest. Despite the cold Erica persevered and showed me around.

I was a little surprised that Looking Glass Falls still worked with how cold it had been. I suppose the current helped.

The pool at the bottom should give you a better idea of the temperature. I think the high was 17 that day.

Frozen log.

We also took a trip up the hill from the falls to check out the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The parkway is closed in the winter time so that it doesn't have to be maintained.

Given the temperature we decided against taking a stroll down the parkway.

We did opt to head down the hill and hike back up, which was icy but a little bit warmer.

After slip sliding to the top we got this view. It was a very clear and sunny day which meant great views. Erica and I were joined by her friend Peter on the adventure. The decent was a bit trickier, involving a few sections of sliding down on your butt. Despite some damp pants, it is a very fun and efficient way to get down the mountain.

I've heard it is supposed to get warmer soon. Lets hope that is true. I'm not sure single digit temperatures is my favorite number of digits.