There was some mud in Zolder. There was also sand, pavement, and some steep ups and downs. The course works in way in and around a car racing track, finishing on the home straight. Cool venue, difficult course.

We were prepared as ever, with the Caroline Mani tent complete with the zoo attachment. (This is what I now call the sidewall with the window. Fans do come up to it and look in like they're at the zoo).

Just like home! Caroline and Erica checking out the course. They are about to ride into the mud pictured above.

Scoping out the wind turbines next to the track. There are also a series of solar panels (one on the far left) which are confusing because everyone says it's never sunny in Belgium.

Back in foreign lands in foreign lands. Mainly trying to figure out what the French mechanics are asking me in the pit. They are at least now all aware that I don't speak French so the questions are less frequent. Lots of pointing.

In the distance you can see all the buildings that line the start/finish straight. Both for car races and bike races in this instance.

Since mechanics do care about what happens in the race, both for organization in the pit as well as general interest, we always like when they put a TV where we can watch the race. Really makes the 40 minutes go by quickly.