Christmas in Belgium

With two World Cups straddling Christmas, including Zolder pre ride on Christmas day, I ended up in Hasselt, Belgium for Christmas. While it is always nice to be home for Christmas aside from missing my family Belgian Christmas was okay. 

I learned that if someone is trying to steal the new backpack you got for Christmas you can just hide it out your window for a bit.

And if you're looking for a last minute gift, certain stores are better than others.

After breakfast we spent some time wandering around the streets of Hasselt, just looking at buildings and the like.

Some of which are very cool.

But even if you ride to church on Christmas parking can still be a pain.


We also found some cool street art. This one gets the thumbs up from Erica. Way to go cat!

Not street art, but in the category of "other things that we saw": goofy Christmas moose. What more does one need?

Example of the buddy system in nature? Trees helping trees around the holidays? So many warm fuzzy feelings.


Next time I'll talk about the bike race.