This is the Citadel De Namur, located in Namur, Belgium. It overlooks a river, the town, and every year they hold a cyclocross race inside. This year I got a chance to go.

A bit of the castle insides from the pit. We were situated right in the middle where I would assume they would have held horse riding events when the castle was more...used for castle type things.

My fellow mechanics getting ready for the women's elite race. With a much larger field than the previous two world cups I attended the pit was a little more crowded. As usual there was a good amount of order. I even got a hand from a few French mechanics, seeing as I was pitting with the French. (Note: despite the fact that at world cups the riders are representing their trade teams, most things are organized by country. In the case of the pits each nation gets to pick a numbered box in the pit area. Order of draw is determined individual rider rankings in the world cup overall standings)

The view from the top. Below you can just make out the start area (behind the stone pillar on the left) and the finish line (far left of the frame).

An untimely crash left Caroline a bit bruised and finishing mid pack. These things are known to happen at bike races. Fortunately you can always improve your mood with coffee and baked goods.

Or if you're feeling really terrible you could opt for the 3kg (6.6lbs) of Nutella located at your local Luxembourg gas station.


Next stop: Christmas in Zolder, Belgium. Also a bike race.