Pictures of Barrels

 After we finished up in Cincinati James and I only had a short drive to Louisville  for the race this coming weekend. Since the drive was so short we were able to add a little distance on and take a tour of the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, KY. This turned out to be a good use of a detour. (Note: if you're looking stories/pictures that involve bikes in any way, this post is not for you)

 Fermentation tanks that hold 7500 gallons of mash, yeast, etc. This is #1 of 7.

 Also a strange change from the breweries I have been to where all the fermentation vessels are sealed. These ones are open to the air and the tour. Hello future Bourbon.

 Then we got to the still room. There were three of them all made of copper.

 A closer shot of one of the stills.

 After the soon to be Bourbon goes through each still they check it in these windows.

 And then it goes into barrels.

 Which head off to age for a while.

 The barrels are rolled from the still house to the aging house by way of this metal railed barrel roller. It's all gravity fed so as soon as they go on they roll down the way to be aged.

 Aging house from the outside. Build in 18.... something.

 Inside. Very cool to see all of the same barrels with different dates on them.

 Since Woodford ages their Bourbon for 6-9 years the date range was pretty wide.

 More barrels!

 At the end of all of this learning, we got to taste the real thing. As a bonus we also got a "bourbon ball" truffle. 

Not too shabby for a day off.