Crossing the Pond Part 2

After Koksijde the next race was in Milton Keynes, England. On Thursday we got up early and headed west to the water.


The Euro Tunnel is the turducken of travel. Your car goes on the train, train in tunnel, tunnel under the channel. Crazyness.

In the belly of the travel turducken.

If you look out the window while you're under the channel you can see some fish and other marine life.

The night before the night before the race. The staff in Milton Keynes spent all week setting up the course, which showed through come race day.

Caroline and Meredith Miller checking out the first turn onto the dirt. You can see the mud, which would be a bit worse come race day.

There was a hill in the center of the course that provided most of the interesting  bits of the race.

This section was right next to the pit, a fun up and down slippery off camber section. Good viewing for the mechanics.

During pre ride there was a small discussion about the best way to tackle this particular section of course.

That meeting got a bit bigger as more and more people were trying to crack the code.

Race day: Tom took a turn on the trainer while we waited for the riders to turn up.

A local business let us set up in their parking lot. It kept us nicely out of the muddy team parking lot. Our own American embassy.

The other 20% must have had to exit somewhere else. Didn't find that one.

This guy was very excited about England. Either being in England, from England, or he got a sweet deal at the flag store. Didn't have time to ask.

Pre race fish and chips. The fuel mechanics need.

After the day of pre ride we have to clean the bikes so they are ready for the race. With one metric ton of mud on course this a lot of fun.

The hill that yesterday was a large topic of discussion is now covered in spectators. English fans came out en mass to watch the race.

Bike washing! We exchanged bikes every lap so we could clean them off. The mud adds a lot of weight and can clog up the drivetrain. It does make the day much more exciting for the mechanics.

But the best part of the day is always washing the riders. Caroline finished 6th overall and got a well earned shower.


Now heading home. Racing in Tacoma? That seems easy.