Crossing the Pond


Ah international plane travel with bike stuff. After finishing a big block of racing in the US I headed to Europe to support Caroline Mani for two cyclocross world cups. First stop was Geneva, with all the stuff.

Thankfully Caroline's car was more than big enough for all of our things.

Caroline's parents were even nice enough to host me, and make me feel at home.

After a quick recovery day in France we headed to Koksijde, Belgium and one of the most difficult cross courses in the world. Its held on a series of sand dunes and as you might imagine riding your cross bike in the sand is quite difficult.

Finish line!

Plus fully indoor VIP area.

We were set up in the American compound including riders from the US national team, Noosa yogurt, Cal Giant, and Rapha Focus.

There were other teams as well.

We spiced up our area with the Caroline Mani one of a kind personalized tent.

Plus superfan dogs playing. You can't get too much of that.

Team USA even hooked us up with some coffee while we waited for the race to start.

A few from the pit. Belgium is known for attracting large crowds for cross races. This once was no exception.

Lots of people.

As a reward for Caroline getting in the top 15 we wrapped her up so she was ready to go home. I'm also considering checking her on the return trip to save money.

We even got home in time to watch the mens race. They are nice enough in Belgium to put it on TV.

On to England!