Time flies

I was trying to figure out the last time I had done this blogging thing earlier today. Apparently it's been quite some time. A busy road season seems to have lead to a less than ideal number of posts. I'll do my best to get a few older posts together as the fall and winter wears on but for now I'm pressing on from here.

Cross season is upon us. After only a few days at home after the US Pro Challenge (perhaps a future blog post) I was off to Boulder, Vegas, and finally Madison where this photo was taken.
Inside the Raleigh-Clement compound James, the head mechanic, and I take care of a team of up to 6 cross racers.
Despite the fact we have fewer riders than the road team the workload is just as high.
Some things are a bit different though. For example since we are usually set up away from the hotel we sometimes have to stop along the way to get the vehicles washed. Pressure washers sure are nice for washing.
But some  things remain the same. After the  race last weekend in Madison we had to drive out to the east coast. Many states in the middle of the US seem to still be pretty excited about corn.
When we had some extra time, we even got to stop by Niagra Falls. I've been told the Canadian side is better, but the American side was at least pretty cool.
There was even a rainbow when it wasn't raining.
Some of the other tourists were prepared for rain. Didn't think I'd see a Seattle Sombrero so far from the Pacific Northwest.
Then again I didn't think I'd see people drinking Four Loko either. But hey, he's on vacation, right?
There were also a fair few of these signs. The cliffs to the falls drop off right on the other side of this railing.
I think maybe the signs could be removed and there would probably only be a few people who will weed themselves out because of that.
More news to come. Maybe not even in 6 months.