The post that was going to be titled Arkansas.

So I went to Arkansas for a bike race. Then tornados threatened the drive and I ended up being in Arkansas for about 8 hours. But these things happen. If you're curious about the highlights:

Ian Crane won the damn thing and JJ won the green jersey.

While that was happening I was somewhere in Oklahoma.

In Texas there was free steak.

In Albuquerque I found some riders. Fortunatley Eloy was not bothered by riding in a car with all available space filled.

Our hotel in silver city was delightful. There was even a pancake machine (not pictured).

So we set up the compound as usual.


I made the Silver City Sun Times.

And were joined by SRAM NRS (Neutral Race Support).

Hugo getting numbers on the bikes.

The smile may have been caused by our K3 number holders.

And as the sun sets work is all but done.

All of that work was made very sweet the next day. If you're wondering: yes they all talked the night before about what to wear and decided it would be best if they all were on the podium with the coordinated outfits.

Which did not keep anyone from being ready for the next day.

Often the amount of things we carry seems crazy. Why would you need so many stands? Staff ? Etc?

The answer is only that this is the before picture.

The after photo, I think, brings some perspective.

But the road is not all work. Sometimes we have a nice hotel cooked meal.

Sometimes we cross multi tools with old friends.

Sometimes we relax in the feed zone.

And sometimes you get to win. In this case the sprinters jersey courtesy of Luis Amaran.

Climbers jersey courtesy of Daniel Jaramillo.

Best young rider jersey courtesy of Daniel Jaramillo.

And the team GC courtesy of (L to R) Felix FariƱa, Luis Amaran, Eloy Teruel, Daniel Jaramillo, Gregory Brenes, Rob Squire, Carson Miller, Tyler Wren, Matt Cooke, and Sebastian Alexandre.

And as you can imagine this left us with a few new clothes for our wardrobe.

Hopefully they can keep us warm at the Tour of Califormia.