Redlands Part 2: part 2

Now that Redlands has been over for several weeks lets try the second part of this post.

I am a big fan of the saying "work smarter, not harder"

Which I think means I need to get a chair for the pits. Make no mistake, this is hard work.

Our pre crit compound. Palm trees in the background and right on the course. Location, location, location.

And what day would be complete without evening out your tan. Hugo's lack of tan lines is very impressive to me, especially now that my farmers tan has been reinforced by two summers in a row.

Monday and Tuesday after Redlands a few of us hung around LA for a bit of bio mechanical testing. I opted to just watch.

The gym we were at Monday apparently is patronized in part by really large humans.

So we brought some really skinny, really fit guys.

To see how their fitness was going. (Spoiler alert: well)

But if things went south I had my escape pod located.

Tuesday was a little more bike specific with some aero testing at the LA velodrome.

Which is really really cool.

And rather steep.


But we learned some things.

And saw a guy doing a parody of an internet meme.


What more can you ask for?