Redlands part 2: part 1

The world, as previously mentioned, in my experience is not that large. Our hosts in Redlands proved to me that is still true.

For example their son sent them this jersey from when he rode for the Recycled Cycles team. Who knew? This is also a family that has been hosting the Jamis team and it's predecessors for the last 10 years.

There was a rumor there would be too much snow for the big bear TT. We decided to risk it. David used jazz hands to photobomb this one.

Turned out the risk of sunburn was higher than the risk of snow.

Pro tip: are you gellin'?

Prototype wheel block from cyclops. Bets version coming soon.

Disk wheels are in shortage of surface area. Thankfully some people are using them for good.

David and Felix filling bottles after dinner. These guys work hard.

Redlands at least gives us one day to try out the new caravan car.

I even saw some familiar faces in the caravan.