Training camp

After finishing up in Mexixo we headed straight to Tucson to meet up with the rest of the team for training cap. With our compressed schedule we had just a few short days to dial in positions and finish building the bikes before racing again over the weekend.



With 12 riders at camp we had quite a few bikes.

With still more to be finished.

Saw this guy on a daily basis. Didn't get a picture of the coyote that was chasing him though.

And once the road bikes were done we had a fleet of TT bikes to finish.

Pro tip from JJ: electrical tape as tire sweeper if you're getting too many flat in the southwest.

Pro tip 2: don't use a broken tent.

It rained the first race day in Arizona. Our director made us raincoats.

There was also some time to check out local plant life.

2014 Jamis team. This is only the beginning.