Mexico: part 2

The end of the Mexico trip was plagued by sickness (mine and others) as well as the crazyness that seems to be trying to race bikes in Mexico.

Our accommodations also seemingly improved for a few days.

And included great views. There were only two surprises about this hotel.

1) it was a holiday inn

And 2) if you consumed any of the water you were likely to get typhoid fever.

The hotel is currently being investigated.

This hill was early in the 6 hour day three stage. It was also one of the more interesting things I saw out if the car while I was trying not to vomit.

Or trying to fill bottles as we went since when riding for 6 hours in 85 degree heat the riders seemed to be thirsty.

Some spectators had a better view than others.

It also seemed like every school along our route had their students lining the street in uniform to here on the riders.

Resting in the shade before stage 4.

I also noticed a lot of billboards that seemed to have phone numbers but no other information. Not sure how you decide which number to call.

This is a guy with a hose. I think his job is to spray water on stuff. I found it very humorous.

Either this person is a bubble wrap delivery specialist or they are concerned for their safety.

Mexico city, from our hotel downtown.

Daniel eventually dropped this guy on our way back to the hotel after stage 5.

The scene before we stared the last stage. Since it was a loop around a couple of long city blocks the streets were lined with people watching. Not a very interesting stage but a great backdrop. It was a very calm way to end a hectic week.

Afterwards myself and Zach from the 5 hour Energy team took a quick spin back the hotel.

Because even when the race is over there is always more work to be done.