Mexico! Part 1

And we're racing! After 10 days in Southern California, I headed south to Mexico City for the 6 stage Vuelta Mexico. This was not without its difficulties. For example:

Our flight leaving LAX at 6am. Also the fact that we had a bit of luggage.

Which all arrived safely in Mexico. However with 8 riders and all the trimmings checking bags and going through customs was a bit of a lengthy process.

But we felt instantly at home.

We did have an off day before the first stage so there was time for bike riding.

Despite the protest that happened to go by the front of the hotel.


And an off day is fundamentally different from a day off.

I got some tires ready.

Washed some bikes.

We sadly didn't get to use this hose. (Foot included for scale)

But the bikes still turned out well.

Backdrop for the start of stage one in the center of Mexico City.

Featuring the church and this enormous Mexican flag.

And the pelaton rolls out.


More from south of the border soon.