Is it Christmas time already?

As we approach Christmas I realize I've not been doing a good job of keeping up with the blog. Not traveling around has lead to not too many pictures, I see the same thing quite often. However here are a few.

At one point I went to a downhill race.

This was a fun one from work. If you don't take care of your bike bad things can happen. This BB30 crank is no exception.

That's where the bearings were at one point.

I am soon to be featured in a short film about running. A bit of location scouting along a big log.

And found a stick bug in the process as well.

If I want to go home, there is a bus that will take me straight there from downtown Wellington.

Outside of the Nelson airport there is a bike stand to assemble your bike!

This is Gavin, who works at the cafe at iRide, accepting the best biking cafe award from the Wellington bike enthusiast people. There were also a nice variety of snacks at the awards.

But finally, the reason I really think it's almost Christmas is there was a 5 piece brass band from the Salvation Army playing Christmas carols at the grocery store. They must have lost their obnoxious little bells and had to improvise.


Now I'm off to buy some sunscreen for Christmas Day. Someone said it is supposed to be 25. I really hope that's Celsius.