More pictures of NZ

I'm continuing to settle in in my new home in the Southern Hemisphere. And while I haven't ventured much outside of Wellington, I have been enjoying riding around town when I'm not working.

This is just one example of a trail I can ride on my way home from work. IN THE CITY! No need to drive, or even make a special trip, just ride some trail after work. It's been wonderful.

This does lead to some mud on the bike, also on me sometimes, but totally worth the extra cleaning.

When I stopped by the shop on Saturday to go for a ride there were a ton of cyclists having coffee at the cafe pre/post ride. It's very cool to see the cycling community out in force. Hopefully some of them are in need of bike fixing.

Then once again out into the woods. This is Wayne, who is in town for the season from Denver. iRide is now up to three American employees. We are taking over the country, one bike shop at a time.

This is a picture of a leaf. Or maybe several leaves. The plant life here is very cool and differs depending on where you are. At the mountain bike park in town there is a distinctly jungle look about the place. So far I've seen zero panthers though, which I suppose is a good thing for my continued survival.

Today's ride involved some trail but also a lot of gravel road and some pavement. Oh, and a really really strong headwind all the way back to Wellington. I am writing this in a semi haze from just not having any energy left. Good ride and some great views of the water.