Approaching haloween

It is indeed a scary time of year. I have made some moves to become a more settled memeber of New Zealand society. I am now the proud renter of a room of my very own. This has meant that I've been sleeping on my Thermarest for the last few nights, but hopefully that bed situation will be fixed shortly. I also have been enjoying mountain biking so much that I was forced to bite the bullet and purchase a mountain bike.

Its a Specialized Crave Expert. Good value, lots of fun, and perfect for 4 months of use before it gets sold.

And since it has a Shadow Plus rear deraileur, it is fully equipt with the party switch. (Note: this is a term my friend Billy Lewis first used right after the release of this device several years ago. I can't take credit for it's greatness, I just always rememeber to turn it on when it's time to party)

This is a better picture of my mountain bike when I rode it up a trail to the top of a hill. This type of thing can now be an every day occurance.

Case and point: the next day I went on a different mountain bike ride. This time with at least one dude in a tank top. Jay is apparetnly at the cutting edge of mountain bike fashon. This will be cool soon.

And as a man of high fashon likes to shout it from the mountain top. Better yet, from on top of a picnic table.

But when riding in the city, this trail is just down the street from my house. It's important to remember that trail matinence is always important. Thats why they keep this vacum handy at the bottom.