I made it to Kiwiland. Life is good here. The coffee is really really good. Also there are lots of wooded areas in Wellington which mean that you can kind of go hiking whenever you feel like it. No driving required.

So on Sunday I decided to go for a walk in the woods.

And walk to the top of this hill. The views are pretty incredible.

This was the brief moment of blue sky I saw on Sunday. For the most part it was wet and windy. It felt like home.


This is a better panoramic view. Also quite windy and you can see/hear. I was almost worried that I would get blown off of the top of this hill, which probably wouldn't have happened, but decided to go down anyway.

On the way home I ran into this giant tree. Then I saw it's signage:

Thats a very old tree.


When I said before you can go hiking whenever, it includes on my way to work. Yesterday's walk in included some sun.


Springtime is a good time.