Tis the season for cyclocross

While cyclocross season rages on back home, here we are entering the summer, i've been told, so cross has wrapped up for the year. However since I have been loaned a cross bike and there is tons of sweet singletrack that is very doable on a cross bike, I'm keeping the American cross season alive in New Zealand.

At one of the high points of my ride today I stopped to have a snack and enjoy the view. I've been experimenting with these rice cakes that people have been telling me so much about. The verdict: they're really good, really cheap, and perfect for a long day on the bike.

You could also see the wind farm. I'm not sure where they plant the wind, but it does seem to grow quite well here.

Wind turbine up close. The man in the blue sweatshirt is a grown person. These things are big.


This is a view from the highest point of the day, the Haikori Lookout. The zoom in portion is about where my office is, to the left of the stadium.

After a bit over three hours on the bike, including lots of climbing, I felt like some basketball shorts and a beer was the way to round out my afternoon.

The "Double Trouble" also comes with sweet 3D glasses to read the label.


And now it's nap time.