I'm still on the east coast. Still hanging out before this weekend's bike racing happens outside of Philadelphia, so I decided to hang out around New York for a few days. First stop: natural history museum.

Where there are things like this doll, with the mouth of some real animal.

But mainly I went for stuff like this. Look at those tusks!!

I think this was an early ancestor of the Jackalope.

This was labeled as a Giant Sloth. It was about 10 feet tall, probably equally lazy.

Sideways triceratops!!

And it was THIS BIG!

Basically Dinosaurs are cool. I saw a ton of other great things, but took pictures of dinosaurs.

I also took a picture of this model of a blue whale. Whales are also cool.

Other things I'm into: bike shops.

My friend and fellow Recycled Cycles alum Brendon has a sweet shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn called Silk Road Cycles. If you're in New York and need bike stuff, get ye to this shop.

They have cool bike stuff.

They also have a trailer for dragging bikes from their storage unit to the shop. No cars needed.

Brendon in action on the streets of Brooklyn.

After that difficult effort we retired to a local bar which was playing this strange bike racing discipline on TV. Some kind of dirt track, single speed, brakeless wildness. Thanks Fox Sports North.

Next stop: Philly and the Bucks County Grand Prix. I'll be back with the boys from Hagens for one last hurrah before our season is officially over. Pretty excited.