HB does Philly

Myself and the HB crew were just out in Pennsylvania for the Bucks County Classic. I failed to take one single picture of the bike racing. No bikes. No crowds. No dudes in spandex. I guess I just forgot. So here are some pics from our several hours in Philly before we had to fly home.

Useful tip for out of towners: you have to wait for the green light to go.

Lunch at Redding Market. Everything was delicious.

And since the season is now over, seconds were an option.

Walking: a hated activity among cyclists.

We did see some cool stuff. Such as city hall.

Also this fountain.

And the art museum.

At one point the walking was too much for Steve. His hijacking of Alan didn't work for too long.

The city of brotherly love.

Alan was there too.