Blogging at 37000 ft

Things I've learned this week:


TSA lines on Tuesday nights are very, very short.


Your second bag to New Zealand costs $150.


This ticket is seeming more expensive all of a sudden.


If you missed my previous in person announcements, I am headed to the NZ for the next 4 to 5 months to work in a bike shop and just hang out. I think this is a good plan.

However before I left the country I got a chance to work with the Raleigh-Clement cyclocross team. I didn't take many pictures. James was getting putting some final touches on one of our bikes ahead of preride.

We did have a very nice setup. You can see my toolbox all the way down the end.

Cyclocross fans may be the best. This guy was cruising around probably two hours before the first race and 8 hours before the pros started. At least he was comfortable and always in the shade.

One mullet to rule them all. (not pictured: armband tattoo, cutoff jean shorts)

But now that is all behind me. Now I'm here, in Wellington, NZ, about to start work tomorrow. Above is a view from in front of the house I'm staying at this evening. More pics from adventures to come.