We made it

A couple days ago we drove. For quite some time.

We saw Utah and some big red rocks.

Maybe these ones are a bit more red.

I discovered that truck stops sell some weird stuff. There was a whole case of these figurines. No idea why. Kind of in the back by the bathrooms/showers in case you wanted to make you're truck cab weirder.

I think this is Colorado. This part is similar to Utah.

After a long drive sometimes all you need is a burger, some beer, and a bit of fuseball.

Now we're here. Here being up the hill from Aspen.

It's beautiful and high (almost 8000 feet).

There is some work to be done. But since we don't race until Monday, there is also a lot of time to relax and recharge.

To wit: one of the things you can buy at strange gas stations/truck stops is a slingshot. Hugo bought this one for this son, but he thought we should test it out first. Turns out Hugo has skills with this device.

And was willing to give some helpful instruction to the rest of the staff.

Which had some great results.

Mainly everyone taking turns shooting rocks across the parking lot. Good times.

We got it all in before the rain rolled in.

And since my room currently looks like this....

I will be enjoying this view and playing on the internet.