Tour of Utah Part 2

Tour of Utah carried on. As these races have bigger teams, they come with many more members of the media.

Sometimes interviews happen in motion.

More often in the standard form. Here our director Sebastian is talking to a Columbian reporter about the plan for the day.

More bike racing! Stage 4 was a circuit around the Utah capital building. Only one car in the caravan meant I got to watch the race. Also take pictures.

The final two days were mountain stages, both with a great deal of climbing. Fortunately fans came out en mass to watch the race. In case you thought I sacrificed nothing for this blog that is indeed a cupcake on the right that I didn't have time to grab because I was taking this picture. For you, I sacrifice.

The only thing more abundant than the fans were the views. This one from the finish of stage 5.

Stage 6, downtown Park City. More people! Even with some rain.

And yet more people at the top of the last climb. There was even a guy handing out money to the riders as they went over the top.

We stopped to wait for a few dropped riders at the top of that climb. However one of our guys was with in a group of 3, 3k from the finish, trying for the win. This meant that we (currently about 7k from the finish) were listening to our race radio as updates trickled in.


In the end Janier was 2nd on the day and 3rd in GC. Turns out he's very fast and thus made it on the podium.

Podium presentation was watched live streaming next to the car. We could hear people the people cheering and everything.


Now on to Colorado.