The Pro Challenge

After a week of some work and some play we actually have to do some bike racing. The USA Pro Challenge brings the world's best bike riding people to Colorado to hang out and have a bike race.

It is important that your bike race not be interrupted by bear attacks, so make sure your food is put away.

More Colorado looking awesome.

Jordan, my roommate and fellow mechanic, reading the Bible before the first stage.

Logan from Velonews taking some pictures of one of our bikes.

All the cars staged and ready for Stage 1.

On the way we caught this guy getting some close up picks of the Radioshack guys riding to the start.

Ready to rock and/or roll.

It has become so common to to see iPad photography that the pictures of it may stop appearing on the blog. Maybe just one last one.

And here we go.

One of the best parts about the large scale of this race are the costumes.

These are only a few examples of the great dress we've seen from the fans.

Ready to race....

The wonderful thing about tiggers....

The deviled egg..and his friend the furry hat enthusiast.

And at the end of the day, due to his fantastic ride Matt Cooke earned himself some polka dots.