Random Colorado Pics.

Before I move on lets just remember this:

Everyone good? Okay. Now moving on.

Matt Cooke rocking his hard earned king of the mountains jersey. That was also very good. It also meant he had a lot of fans around the bus.

Radio Shack usually had a few more. That Jens Voigt guy is really popular in Colorado.

We were up in the break with Matt while the pelaton chased.

Leaders got some nice encouragement on the way up to the top of the climb.

Sometimes it takes a few shirtless men and a chick to get you to the top.

This town apparently issued matching shirts to all their citizens. I think they came in the mail with samples of Tide.

Once again watching the end of the race as we wait to finish.

More fan costumes!!

Even in the rain.

Strong showing.

Almost this strong.

TT start house. I was in charge of standing here in case anyone had issues right before their start.

Ready in the wings.

After traveling around a good portion of the state, we ended up in Denver for the final stage. The capital building was not as good looking as advertised.
Pre race routines vary quite a bit. Since Matt was set to win the King of the Mountains jersey he did some interviews.
Sebastian talked final day strategy with Janier.
And Hugo got some time in the shade.
Denver came out huge for the final stage. People lined most of the 10 mile circuit to cheer on the riders who were flying by. I think the average speed for 78 miles was just over 30. We were movin.
If any of the fans happen to read this: thanks for coming out to support bike racing. I hope to make it back next year.
And finally: the Jamis HB staff from the 2013 US Pro Challenge.