Colorado living

I'm not sure if spending a week in Aspen between the Tour of Utah and US Pro Challenge counts as work. Maybe I'll take an informal poll. Here's the last few days:


Since we don't have a kitchen in our hotel we've been eating dinner at the RV.

Marcello was in charge of cooking pasta the first night.

There was also wine. However since we were short some wine glasses we made a set out of our Tour of Utah promotional water bottles.

There was also an unexpected dinner guest.

Last night we went to the Rodeo for dinner and a show. Apparently Snowmass has the longest running rodeo in America.

Cows ready to get roped.

Small children with small animals.

Large American flags. You know. The rodeo.

But really the highlights were the child involved activities. First was mutton busting.

If you haven't seen this, a small child tries to hold onto a sheep. Always resulting in that child almost getting run over by the sheep after they fall off.

I'm not sure what they called this next part, but it was wild enough only video evidence seemed sufficient. I apologize for the shaky home video quality.

Finally there was the Burro race. Since donkeys are stubborn it takes a three person team to compete in such a race. This was the one team that made it to the end. The other donkeys were not quite as cooperative.

Today was hiking above Snowmass.

You know. Working.