Still here

There have been some small technical difficulties around the fieldwrench offices over the past weeks. Mainly my device to move pictures from my camera to the internet has gone missing so I don't have a ton of pictures to go with right now. I just wanted to let the world know I'm still here. Currently here is Bend.

Here has also been nice. Our hosts added a cat to the house this year so I have even more helpful animals around.

That plus the combination of Back Porch cold brewed coffee by the growler and a few ocean rolls (far right) have kept spirits hight.

As for bike racing, my pictures don't yet exist so I had to steal one from the internet. Photo credit to Velownews.

If you're a fan of the Where's Waldo books you can look for familiar faces.

Did you spot them? That's Ryan Miller on the front right of the pack. On the left, through the trees, Burke and myself in the car.

Hopefully more pictures will reach the internet soon, both from BC and Bend.