Live (on tape delay) from Madison, WI

The newest adventure brought to you, by me, and to me by USA Cycling took the HB crew to Madison for the 2013 US Amateur Road Race Championships.

There was even a sign at the airport.

With a smaller crew (4 riders) and longer trip we travel a bit lighter than usual. This means once again the hotel parking lot is my workshop. Thankfully there was a nice breeze.

I had to trim the aero extensions on Colby's TT bike about 1.5 cm to make sure it was legal for the race. If you want to read more about why this was necessary please visit and watch cats riding Roombas instead.

I promise it is much more interesting.

Jon and Alan had previously watched that very same video and are now texting each other about how great it was.

Breakfast early on day 1 before the U23 road race. The counter in our hotel kitchen was packed with stuff. Mainly the 3 aeropresses (2 pictured)

Coffee was much needed since the airline failed to load our bags onto the first plane in Seattle, so we got them in Madison at around midnight. But the stuff arrived in time for racing, which is really all that matters.

And this is serious US National racing, as you can tell by everything having that logo.

Shimano neutral service. They have nice blue cars.

Out in the fields of Wisconson, playing bike racing.

Riders got some encouragement from some junior riders pre riding the course. Silent encouragement.

Our hotel was nice, but it did objectify the guests slightly. We were stored in room 211.

Room 213 was reserved for people who are really bad at finding their room.

Day 2: time trial. Colby our only rider in the TT, so while he was warming up we got to watch the Tour.

Also a change to scope out the tinyest TT bike ever. I was told that many of the parts were custom including the electronic shifting. This must be a fast child's bike.

Colby ripping up the TT course.

and speeding. (Police were unable to catch him)

Bikes getting washed before the road race Friday. Our hotel had a bike wash area in their parking garage. It was very considerate.

Not to mention enough room in the fridge for some water.
Not to mention it was next to a liquor store.
That was also a coffee shop. True one stop shopping.
Road race plans getting laid out for a nice ride in the sun.
Usually all the guys numbers are in sequence so I know when they are having issues (the numbers are read on the radio). Since we had a random assortment of numbers I had a cheat sheet going.
Midwest cycling fans lined the road course.
But much like any race, for me it ends the same way. Packing bikes to fly home.
Next stop: Canada.