Delta 2013

After packing up in Madison we slept for a couple of hours before flying back to Seattle so we could drive to BC.

Highlights of the trip included this automatic shoe shine machine. For only a dollar! Sadly they didn't have red polish for my running shoes.

On the drive up (in the Sprinter van), we saw this wounded Sprinter. Hopefully it's not going to spend too much time on the trailer.

The reason for such a long travel day Saturday was so we could make it back for the Delta road race which, as you may recall from this time last year, Steve Fisher won. There was defending to be done.

This year's race was also UCI sanctioned which attracted some top riders from the US and Canada.

Adam de Vos (Canadian) was one of the local favorites.

However there was also the sign to encourage everyone else.

iPad photo taking was very popular on the course. I was only able to catch a couple of these amazing photographers.


Almost as priceless as....

Steve winning again! Riding away from a 10 man break at about 250 meters, Steve repeats on the top step of the podium. This means two very good things: 1) Steve gets UCI points, which I'm told are a good thing to have 2) I got to enjoy the last few ounces (sorry canada: milliliters) of warm Champagne from the bottom of the bottle.

They gave Steve a pimp cup for winning the race. As true pimps do: he got straight onto that green drank.

Followed quickly by the Hagens Berman social media machine jumping to action to spread the good news to the world.