Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood marked my return to working for Hagens after a pretty substantial break. It was nice to be back in the van, where life makes sense. For this trip we journeyed to Hood River once again for the final installment of the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic.

This journey involved a quick stop. We opted not to get the 2 for 269 meats at AM/PM.

That was mostly there to illustrate it was raining. Hard enough that my t-shirt got mostly soaked walking in to get gum. I can't remember if you get wetter running or not. I'll have to watch that Mythbusters again.

Once we got to Hood River things were much nicer. Stage one threatened rain but delivered sun.

We were also fortunate enough to have some rider parents join us for the weekend. Here Ryan and Colby's fathers discuss, I assume, the challenges of having a cyclist as a child.

Wheels and barns.
and Hagens riding the front.
Friday was also Chris' birthday!! To show everyone what experience can do, he takes his turn at the front. Looking awesome.
The final time for this race. A bit sad rolling through the scenic finish of the first stage.
Afterwards we headed back home and I tried to get the attention of some host animals to take their picture. Apparently whatever was to my right was much more interesting.
And bottles go flying! Making sure everyone is well hydrated can be a tricky job.

That night I saw this at a brewery in town. I particularly like "The quantity is naturally indefinite". Medicine has changed a lot in 80 years.


Waking up next to this garden every day is fantastic. Our hosts were nice enough to let us sample some greens.

And they had Arugula!!

Our best outcome of Friday was that Steve was in the King of the Mountains jersey so he got to start Saturday (his birthday) rocking the red. (photo stolen from his twitter feed)


I failed in getting any more pictures of Saturday. There was a crit and a TT. I'd recommend checking out and checking out Darcy Miller's excellent photos of the weekend.


Now: Sunday

Alan preparing Steve's KOM jersey ahead of the Sunday stage.

Sunday stack of food. Sitin sideways. The pizza on the top/right was my exciting caravan food. Not too much better than pizza during a long road stage.

The Miller parents also dropped off some after race italian sodas. So good.

Alan marks the car with the mighty #1.

This is where you want to be in the caravan.

Basically it meant we could almost see the race as it wound through some very narrow forest roads for most of the day.

The racers seemed to mostly ignore this sign, seeing as there were several breaks, and some very high speed descents.

The weekend ended with Steve winning the King of the Mountains and Ian 4th overall. Next we're headed to Nationals, BC Superweek, and Cascade. More posts/more often are coming. Stay tuned.