The Voyage Home

Not exactly a time traveling to the 80's thrill ride, but pretty close. With Gila behind me, now all I had to do is get the van from Silver City to Seattle. This should be interesting.

On the way to Albuquerque (the city, not the word I most desire to play in Scrabble) we drove by this coal train. Full of coal. I was glad to see that this is still happening, polar bears are assholes anyway. Plus this means that my Seattle rooftop vineyard is fast becoming a feasable reality.

If you are in need of fossil fuel, I recommend using any other pump in the known universe. I spent about 20 minutes waiting for this one to despense my fuel so I could continue on. It's somewhere in Northern New Mexico. You have been warned.

After driving all the live long day on Monday I arrived in Boulder once again. This time I took in some different sites, including the city run mountain bike park. Very cool, with lots of different lines for different skill levels.

I was not the only houseguest at Dave's house this week. I'm pretty sure Cassie's towels are also monogramed.

I also got to dine with my friend Heather who was declared a winner by her coaster. While this may seem trivial, it can have a profound effect on one's life.

Just look at what happened to these guys because of coasters.

On the way out of town I got to stop by Feedback Sports. Makers of fine bike workstands and home storage among other things. They also happen to be my favorite sponsor.

As well as fellow sprinter van enthusiasts.

Other stops included Road 34 bike shop and biker bar in Ft. Collins. I didn't ask what was included in a $34 tune up. Hopefully I've got that covered.

A sign letting me know all aboout Wyoming's wildlife.

Similar idea, much cooler execution. This arch is made of Elk antlers that they shed every spring.

Apparently the Boy Scouts collect them. A lot of them.

Since I didn't get any pictures of actual wildlife, here is an approximation of a Wyoming ecosystem as drawn on the back of a bathroom door.

A lot of the rest of the drive looked more or less like this. The level of bugs varied.


Now I'm back in Seattle for a little while. More pictures to come, whenever action happens.