Non bike related

Fair warning, no bike stuff in this post. Future posts will return to some bike theme, but for now: the woods!


On the way to Levenworth we passed by this next to a gas station. Sadly we didn't get to visit this amazing shop or sample their products.

We did get to go to the woods. Which looked like this.

And follow a bunch of other people out on the trail.

View from the trail.

And again.

There was a rock in the parking lot that had a natural occurring cup holder. I took full advantage.

Colton used our post hike time to split wood.

and to set up a lean-to in case of rain.

Which, in case you can't tell, was awesome.

Then all that was left was to sit back and enjoy the fire.

Memorial Day started as it should. While I had always thought the Aeropress would be a good camping coffee device I hadn't tried it out. Lisa and I were very pleased with the results.

Then we walked up a hill. You can kind of tell how steep it is from the picture, it was much steeper and harder to walk up in real life.

Eventually we got to the top for some rock climbing. Lisa and I happen to own the same backpack in the same color. We used this weekend to showcase that point.

We also discovered this terrible artifact at the top (belonging to one of the other climbers). I know that if I owned the world's most terrible shoes I would keep them safe in a mesh bag.

Rock climbing happened. Colt and Lisa at the anchors of one of the climbs.

I used some of the rock climbing time take a quick nap.

Downhill we got some time to stop and smell the flowers.

Which were awesome.

I've had to say goodbye to the woods for now but don't worry, I'll be back.