The second official team race, and first NRC (National Race Circuit) race has brought us to Redlands, California east of LA. The behind the scenes machinery for Hagens is running smoothly and we are ready for pro events and big, fast fields. According to Trader Joe's it has also brought the desire to buy oranges.

What TJ's didn't realize is that our host house has a cumquat tree (bush?...whatever plant they grow on) right by the garage. It's still strange that you can grow citrus fruit outside.

The local wildlife scene is also very strong. This hawk made sure no rodents interrupted me while tuning bikes outside.

Somehow this lizard snuck in. I was glad the hawk didn't see him. We had a good time enjoying the sun together. He seemed very upbeat, as often cold blooded animals are in the sun.

Day 1: Time trial! This rocket ship belongs to Danny, accidentally photobombed by Stuart.

More wheel options! Wind was variable all day so we made sure to have several different choices.

Our view from the parking lot at TT start. The drive to Big Bear was worth it for the scenery. Not too much more to ask for if you've got bikes, sun, and scenery.

But if you had to ask for just one extra piece, maybe a bavarian themed Starbucks?

With a warning sign that coffee might give you cancer.

Getting the bikes washed for Stage 2: Beaumont circuit race. They hadn't all been properly washed since San Dimas and you can't send your racers to the line on dirty bikes.

Clean bikes on the car. First day with a proper caravan meant we finally got to use our new Thule racks to their fullest. 4 spare bikes ready in a flash if things go wrong. Fortunately nothing did, but they still look really cool.

Cool enough that people have been known to photograph us as we roll by in the caravan. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of transport contraption this gentleman was riding.

After 125 miles in the car, dinner was a very welcome thing. The guys seemed to think it was also hard on bikes. Ian took 10th on the day and our hosts pulled out all the stops with a Taco feast.

Ever the teammate, Jon will crush up some chips for your Taco salad.

Danny has also been known to help the team out in the kitchen. Chicken is no match for his culinary skills.


As I'm typing this the guys are out for their Saturday morning easy ride. Crit day is my personal favorite because it gives me some time to relax as the race doesn't start today until 430. What to do with all this free time.