Redlands: Part 2

Before I start on this second Relands post I just want to once again say that our host families in Redlands and throughout the country are great. It makes this whole lifestyle possible.

Because of that I was really excited when I found out that you get to show off a bit to the neighbors if you host a team for the Redlands classic. These banners are well earned.

Now, on to bike racing.

Team parking before the crit. Busy as ever.

The view from the pit. I've been told this is one of the hardest, fastest crits of the year. All signs in the affirmative.

This is what 30-35 looks like.

Spare bikes lined up ready to rock. At this point in the race I was much more interested in the lemonade Alan brought me in the pit than anything else.

Post crit dinner at our host house. Tonight's special Spaghetti with meatballs. For desert (foreground): some type of cookie dough/brownie/peanut butter combo bars and Snickers salad.

No caravan Sunday which left myself, Alan, and Burke in the feed zone handing off bottles. Some of the other teams decided to show up as well.

Nothing to do but turn the seats in the van around and lay down between laps.

Alan even had time to make a sign. (Sponsor correct as ever)

Which brings us to the end of Redlands.

With racing done, the van headed back to Seattle and I jumped in the car, with Steve and Stuart, to make my way to Boulder.

But that's a long drive. So we stopped in Vegas Sunday night.

And found the best accomidations $36.60 could get us.

The only problem, aside front the tubleweeds, was the fact that we had a fair amount of stuff to fit into our tiny hotel room.

We made it work.

But we did have to get a little creative.

We even had enough spare space to make dinner.

The next day was full of nice scenery, about 12 hours of nice scenery. Some of which looked like this.

When you live in the middle of Utah sometimes running out of soda is a concern. Not in this town.

It would also seem that we do not drive the typical deisel vehicle.

After all that, we got to Boulder just in time for spring. I might just have to spend the day sledding.