A lot has happened

One of the downsides of not having time to update the blog on a regular basis (2 weeks maybe..?) is that a lot of stuff has happened. I'll do my best to cover it all. So: Boulder happened.

You may recall the snow. Since I was there to relax and socialize it wasn't too much of an issue for me. More of an issue for Steve and Stuart who wanted to ride their road bikes. I think they got some good indoor altitude training in.

I also did some indoor training. Mine however was at Oscar Blues Brewing Company. Their tasting room is called the "Tasty Weasel". I'm pro.

Beer ready to distribute.

They were the first craft brewery to can their beer. (Notice the poster on the right hand side.) These cans were all empty when I was there, probably very full now.

I also got a chance to visit my friend Taylor in Colorado Springs. She showed me around the campus at Colorado College, I gave her bike a try on the team car. Maybe next year for the pink bikes.

After a few days in Colorado it was back to Seattle and since I didn't have any work on Monday I got to help an old coworker move a couch. How does one get a couch onto that balcony?
Putting it on top of the sprinter van really helps.
The Tour of Walla Walla marked my one year anniversary with Hagens. In recognition of that milestone Chris Wingfield bought me a frog cookie from Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island. The frog didn't last long.
More fun rest area signage. I didn't realize the gallon jug of urine issue had become such an epidemic. Apparently I'm not up on the latest stats.
A lot of our hosts have dogs. In Walla Walla both houses included a dog. I only managed to get a picture of the guys playing with one of them.
Also from Blackbird: really good fresh bread. In Walla Walla we do toast right.
It was raining before the first stage Friday afternoon so the morning spin was moved inside. If you were curious earlier what Steve and Stuart's Boulder training plan looked like, probably very similar.
Youngapeti. Our official food spot for the Tour of Walla Walla. I think I ate there 4 times in 3 days last year, and possibly more this year. It's good. Get the Walla Walla burrito with Chicken.
I think thats what all these guys were ordering.
Traveling with a coffee maker is maybe a little weird but totally necessary since coffee quality and availabitly is often in question. The hand held burr grinder that fits inside the aeropress might be a little overkill. I still may have to buy one.
After coffee there was bike racing. Saturday morning was TT time. This pile of discs is ready to go fast.
(P.S.: They did. We had three guys in the top 20 including Ian in 2nd)
We also learned that if your tire rubs on your frame on a trainer you can make a pile of tire dust.
Start order for the TT. This is the sheet you live and die by. Missing a start time is not a good thing at all.
But we were able to get everyone off in time.
Everyone has good days and bad days. Riders, staff, and sometimes equipment. This tri spoke lost its life to a flat that had to be ridden out. RIP tri spoke.
Not to be troubled by a bit of bad luck, we head off to the crit Saturday evening.
The officials generally get some type of bulk food (pizza, lasagna, etc) but apparently if you're gluten free, like out pit official, you get a hummus plate. I wasn't even hungry and I was still a bit jealous.
Technical difficulties have arrisen. More to come once that gets sorted.