A lot has happened: Part 2

The crit happened. That was very enjoyable. Ian won after the guys did a great job pulling back a solo break with less than a lap to go. Very strong bike racing. So of course we had to celebrate with Thai food. In Walla Walla, the Thai place also has strange Thai karaoke.

This was just one of the many options, all featuring the same singer. Not my jam.

Bikes ready for the final road stage. The tape on the top tube has numbers of guys to watch for the day. Ian was sitting second in GC only a few seconds out of the lead. Everyone had to stay vigilant.

Ian's power animal for the day was this giant bee. The rubberized version provided by HB Alum and former Pro Sam Johnson. It rode with us on the dash through the end of the stage.


If you're curious about the bike racing that happened in more detail, check out the race reports at hagensbermancycling.com. There are more pictures and better descriptions ofd what actually went down on the road.