Team camp. This time with bikes

Last week the Hagens team descended upon Santa Rosa for team training camp. They got a chance to get to know each other a bit better and get some solid miles in. For me it was a week of getting back into the swing of being on the road and making sure all the race bikes are dialed in for the season.

It's important to start the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. Scrambled eggs with spinach are a staple when we're on the road.


Some final tweaks before day one.

In the parking lot of the hotel getting ready for the first ride. New bikes and kits looking super fly.

One of the mechanic duties is occasionally to drive the car behind the training ride. First step: drive out of town and wait for the bikes to catch up.

And they're off! Everything around Santa Rosa seems to be up or down hill. Sometimes it looks pretty hard. I was able to climb everything pretty easily in the car.

They rode through a forest of giant redwoods.


Avoiding fallen trees.

Getting passed by old school cars.

But all worth it to get to the top of picturesque climbs.

Jamis Xenith SL. The trusty steeds for 2013.

Alan chatting with on of the riders during one of the longer days.

Local wildlife. Built to travel.

Our host house was fantastic. We instituted our standard garage takeover. Lots and lots of gear to be had.

The house also had a putting green in the back yard. On Sunday after camp Staz and Alan enjoyed a nice 9 holes on the green.

I was able to get some work done before we left. These tubulars are drying waiting to get mounted on some rims.

Then we pack the van, very very.....

very, very, full, and head to SoCal for the official start of the race season.