San Dimas, before and after

Life on the road has begun to settle into a very nice rhythm. After camp we headed south to Hermosa Beach for a couple of days and then out to San Dimas for the 3 stage San Dimas stage race.

One thing is for sure, our host house was very nice. Everyone had a bed, the kitchen was big enough for Alan and Stuart to cook us dinner, and the pool was a nice backdrop to our stay.

Tiki Man acting as lifeguard.

There was also a view of some mountains when there wasn't too much haze. (In case you were wondering this is a case of a bit too much haze.)

Later that day had a better view of the mountains. Also a better view of Staz adjusting his new TT helmet before the Stage 1 uphill TT.

With Easter only a bit over a week away, the decorations were out. (not pictured: chocolate covered double stuffed easter oreos)

I quickly claimed the Koala coffee mug for the duration of our stay.

2 things to note about these beams (above the Ranco Cucamonga Trader Joe's):

1) Several team members were awed by these spikes and curious how much harm was done to birds who attempted to land.

2) California strip malls are not fans of birds.



At some point there was bike racing.

On the trainers getting ready for stage 1.

Plotting for Stage 2.
(We even got our Feedback Sports A frames decked out with banners at the ends.)

We also got a visit from Bruce of Pro Gold. If you're not familiar with Pro Gold, it's the reason our bikes are shine like this all the time. Very worth checking out.

So, with super clean bikes and 150 of their closest friends, the guys set out for the Stage 2 circut race.

Meanwhile the staff headed to the feed zone to hand out some bottles. No caravan means lots of time to alternate between sitting in the shade and improving my farmer's tan.

The circut race was full of drama with a good number of crashes. Our guys escaped unharmed and even those in the worse crashes will live to ride another day.

Only downside to the rough Saturday was fewer riders racing the crit on Sunday. Ian was our hero of the day, getting in the early brake. Second place for the day goes to the official who really decided to step his hat game up for this race.

And nothing quite finishes off the weekend like Golden Spoon for some froyo.

Well, that and a super sweet fixie sighting.

Well...time to make this thing full again. On to Santa Barbara!