Preparation is the key to success

I get asked on a somewhat regular basis how long things take in my line of work. How long does it take to build a bike? True a wheel? Glue a tire? And in the attempt to sound as cocky as possible I usually say something along the lines of "not that long". Which is true. It's a bike. Building a bike does not take that long relative to other projects. ( I'm assuming this is true, when it comes down to it I don't really do other projects.) The issue is that there is no one task to accomplish when working for a team, there are only many one tasks, so getting your work done early is very important.

I usually start the day compiling my "to do" list. Good feeling to erase things, bad feeling when that spot gets filled by something I forgot to add the 1st time.


Case and point, these wheels all need glue and tires.

(Note: if you are not familiar with bike racing, most racers have tires that are held to the rim via a type of contact cement. This is better/faster/warmer/more time consuming.)


A few of the tires getting stretched prior to installation.

These tires need to be installed on the training wheels.

Oh and cassettes. Those help with the process of going forward.

Making sure the TT bikes are ready ahead of camp.

But it turns out that bike are not the only thing to be considered.

Dialing in our rack system on the car. We expanded to 4 complete bikes, 2 fork mounted bikes, and a few wheel holders this year. It's going to be one full roof.


Also, new rear door panels for the van. Complete with tons of shelving space. Oh the orgainzation!

Plus with new sponsors come new decals. Fortunatley Alan has a friend who enjoys installing car decals. Thanks Danielle.
But all the work totally pays off. Living room staged, ready to load.
See you in California.