Onward to California!

Monday morning we left Seattle bright and early for team camp in Santa Rosa, California. Driving out of town the forecast in Seattle was for a week of rain. Not too sorry to be leaving for some much needed sunny riding.

Chipotle is a rider favorite on the road. Even at 1130 am. Not terrible for mechanics either.

Spotted this gem in the parking lot outside of Chipotle in Eugene. Winning has never been so obvious.

So good, in fact, that everyone had to get a picture. Please note the high tech hood straps.


This is just one example of the "Van at rest stop" picture. We went to a few of these on our journey.

Better example. This one includes Mt. Shasta in the background. And SUN!! My ears were a bit sore from wearing sunglasses most of the day. Hopefully they will adjust this week.

(Note: yes northwest folk, I do understand that complaining about this makes me a jerk)

Even found this antique at the rest stop. I was going to try it out, but $4 seems like a lot for a phone call.

Lake Shasta. This is the water source for Shasta Soda. Look it up.

At our Starbucks stop these two gentlemen were discussing the functionality/price of a folding bike. Happy to not be dealing with this stuff anymore.

After about 15 hours on the road. Unloading the van and sleep. Ready for a week of bike riding.