More from California

More fun is being had. Due to the fact that Easter is on Sunday and that the Redlands crit course is rumored to have 5+ churches on it, that race is postponed until next weekend. Which means I just get to hang out.

Sometimes hang out in terrible traffic.

I guess this is a SoCal cultural thing?

At some point we were able to secure coffee and breakfast. Big thanks to Margo for the recommendation on a Venice Beach breakfast spot. Nothing makes the traffic worth it like a bacon related croissant.

We also made it to Whole Foods to get Alan a smoothie. Not a place I shop very often, but the fact they have a "Whole baby" section in the same place that you can buy a whole chicken creeps me out.

And in Santa Barbara bikes remain to be cool. In the case of my friends Erik and Pete, very very cool.

I was very excited that Erik was able to join me for lunch during the busy week.

As a pretty new blogger I don't know how to rotate this picture. If you are a wise blogger please help me with this. However the picture is of a great coffee shop called Handlebar Coffee Rosters in Santa Barbara.

They do roast their own coffee.

Which is delicious.

As much fun as Santa Barbara is, I thought perhaps a quick trip north would be a good call. Fortunately my friends in San Francisco were kind enough to host me for a couple of days.

Next to this giant hole. Which is really fun to watch during the morning coffee time.


I don't know what this machine does, but I like the reference.

For some wonderful reason everyone I've stayed with in California has a countertop kettle. Pretty sure they just come in the mail with samples of Tide.

That's all for now.