Trying for internet celebrity

One of the things we at the Hagens Berman Cycling Team like to do is make sure that everyone is up to date on the happenings of the team. To this end we have a new website:

Which can be found at

There is even a team blog, which will feature race reports and commentary from the riders throughout the year. Good stuff to keep up on.

Another fun feature, returning for it's second season, is "The HB show".

Our regular web series that follows the team through the season, gets excellent footage of our exotic racing locales, and allows the riders to comment on the journey. (Also available through the website)

As part of our early season filming for the show Alan and I loaded up the car and headed to Bainbridge Island to film a bicycle being built.

Our field trip even included a ferry ride.

After the ferry, and a quick stop for some amazing toast with jam, we were headed out to a nice garage to film some bikes.

We even managed to pick up our photographer/ team rider Chris Wingfield on the way. Just a bit of a tight fit with all the stuff. Not exactly sure what he's sitting on...

A view from the outside of the house. Apparently living on an island does have it's advantages.

Not to mention that the garage was amazingly nice. I think instead of buying house, I may just build a garage like this. I could always sleep on a workbench.

(Note: The rest of the day was professionally photograhed, so please stay tuned on the HB website for that.)











It will probably look pretty good.

And somewhat like this.