The end

It would seem, after six and a half years, my tenure at Recycled Cycles is coming to a close. Its been a great ride that has taken me from relative ineptitude ( I blew a tire off of a rim my first day at the shop), to coordinating service at one of the biggest shops in Seattle. I'm very grateful to all of those I've worked with over the years and especially to Steve and Scott for seeing fit to employ me for so long.


With the start of the new year, new job, and new workspace came the replacement of the old.

My former home. As it stood for a good few years.

And thank god the drawers come out of that thing. It turns out the solid steel construction doesn't make for the most lightweight toolbox.

Ready to travel!! Even with the drawers out the box is still a bit on the heavy side.

However now we're a bit short on workspace. Mmm....

New years day. How does one spend one of the 4 days a year Recycled Cycles is closed? At the shop, building a new bench. Also it turns out Tre is much better with wood than I am.

And if the bench fits...

Then it gets legs.

If you look around close enough, most of the stuff around the shop is signed by those who constructed it. Hopefully this is so future generations can remember who build such sturdy and long lasting benches. Hopefully.

Max didn't sign due to his lack of thumbs and thus ability to hold a sharpie. This does not in any way imply that he was not exceedingly helpful in the contruction.


The final product. A couple of shelves, a bit of stain (all Tre's doing) later and one more bench in the basement is ready for a new owner.

Now just enough time to curl up and relax for a few days before team camp.